Forms & Downloads

List of documents to download

Generate Supplementary Brochure

Generate Supplementary Brochure 01-17.pdf (2,828.9 KB)

Generate Product Disclosure Statement

Generate PDS 06-09-16 web.pdf (2,987.6 KB)

Generate Application Form

Generate Application Form 06-09-16.pdf (434.6 KB)

Why KiwiSaver & Generate Employed

14. Generic Why KiwiSaver & Generate DL 09-2016 Employed.pdf (530.1 KB)

Why KiwiSaver & Generate Self-employed

15. Generic Why KiwiSaver & Generate DL 09-2016 Self Employed.pdf (530.2 KB)

Direct Debit Form

Generate Direct Debit Form 06-2017.pdf (819.3 KB)

Preferred Provider Form

12. Generate Preferred Provider Form 09-16 dynamic.pdf (139.2 KB)

Latest KiwiSaver Survey

kiwisaver_survey_2016Q2_final.pdf (314.8 KB)

Generate KiwiSaver Scheme Annual Report 2016

Generate KiwiSaver Annual Report for the period ended 31 March 2016.pdf (568.6 KB)

Generate KiwiSaver Scheme Annual Report 2015

Generate Annual Report 2015.pdf (3,133.9 KB)

Voluntary Lump Sum Form

generate-voluntary-lump-sum-form.pdf (226.3 KB)

Aussie Super Transfer Form

aussie-super-transfer-form.pdf (34.8 KB)

Trans Tasman Transfer Form

trans-tasman-transfer-form.pdf (271.6 KB)

NZ Super Transfer Form

generate-nz-super-transfer-form.pdf (33.3 KB)

Acting on Behalf of Form

generate-acting-on-behalf-of-form.pdf (162.2 KB)

Investor Confirmation Form RFA

9. Generate Investor Confirmation Form RFA 09-16 dynamic.pdf (160.5 KB)

Investor Confirmation Form AFA & QFE

10. Generate Investor Confirmation Form AFA QFE 09-16 dynamic.pdf (153.3 KB)

Generate and Win - How to Enter

Generate and Win September 2017 Terms & Conditions.pdf (229.0 KB)

Satisfaction Survey Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction Survey Prize Draw Ts & Cs 01.04.17 to 30.06.17.pdf (219.6 KB)

First Home Purchase Withdrawal Form

8. Generate First or Second-Chance Home Withdrawal Form 09-16.pdf (326.7 KB)

Retirement Withdrawal Form

retirement-withdrawal-form.pdf (274.5 KB)

Serious Illness Withdrawal Form

serious-illness-form.pdf (280.2 KB)

Permanent Emigration Withdrawal Form

11. Generate Permanent Emigration Form 09-16.pdf (257.1 KB)

Deceased Member Withdrawal Form

7. Generate Deceased Member Withdrawal Form 09-16.pdf (275.7 KB)

Retirement Withdrawal, Amendment and Cancellation Form

subsequent-retirement-withdrawal-aemdment-and-cancellation-form.pdf (206.7 KB)

Generate QFE Disclosure Statement

QFE Disclosure Statement Generate Group 07-09-16.pdf (117.4 KB)

Generate Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives

Generate SIPO 30-08-16 web.pdf (629.4 KB)

Generate KiwiSaver Scheme Trust Deed

Generate KiwiSaver Trust Deed - 25 August 2016.pdf (2,336.8 KB)

Generate Other Material Information

Generate OMI 07-09-16 web.pdf (720.5 KB)

Changing Investment Options Form

6. Generate Changing Investment Options Form 11-16.pdf (193.8 KB)

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